Notice Of Public Hearing

Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held before the Town Council of the Town of Smithfield, N.C., on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 7:00 P.M., in the Town Hall Council Chambers located at 350 East Market Street to consider adoption of amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  The Town initiated an update of its current Unified Development Ordinance to accomplish the following:

       •     Make modifications to bring the UDO into compliance with recent changes to the N.C. General                              Statutes in the following areas:
                  o Section – Modification to subdivision exemptions to include divisions of property                                      in accordance with a probated will or in accordance with intestate succession under Chapter                                29 of the N.C. General Statutes per Session Law 2017-10.
                  o Section – Added statute of limitations for land use violation enforcement per Session                                Law 2017-10.
                  o Section 10.84.4 – Added an exemption of Small Wireless Communication Infrastructure                                        from local government review and approval per House Bill 310. 
                  o Appendix A – Added definitions related to small wireless communication and the                                                  watershed protection overlay modifications.
       •     Make provision for the ability to increase impervious surface limitations and to utilize                                            cluster subdivision standards in watershed protection areas.
                  o Sections 10.90.2,,,, 10.90.8, 10.90.9 and 10.90.16 –                                    To allow for projects in the watershed protection overlay districts to utilize the “high                                              density option” to increase impervious surfaces up to 70 percent with the utilization of approved                          engineered stormwater devices as permitted by NCGS 143-214.5 and Title 15A of the North                                  Carolina Administrative Code (NCAC) subchapter 02B.

The public is encouraged to attend the public hearing to obtain additional information and to have the opportunity to comment on the draft ordinance.  The Smithfield Town Council may adopt the Unified Development Ordinance following the public hearing.  A copy of the draft ordinance may be reviewed at the Town of Smithfield Planning Department, 350 East Market Street, Smithfield, NC, during normal office hours.  A copy of the ordinance may be purchased from the Town for the cost of copying.  If you have questions, please contact Mark Helmer, Senior Planner, at 919/934-2116, extension 1112.

All interested persons are encouraged to attend. To accommodate disabilities and to comply with ADA regulations, please contact the town office if you need assistance. Further inquiries regarding this matter may be directed to the Smithfield Planning Department at (919) 934-2116 or online at 

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