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Appearance Commission
Appearance Commission

Appearance Commission (from left to right): 
Public Works Director Lawrence Davis, Vice-Chairperson Emery Ashley, Jr., Carmen Zepp, Chairperson Kaitlyn Tarley, Michelle Choe
Not pictured Elizabeth Baker, Robin Cook and Sharon Lynch


Nine (9) members, who will serve for a period of three (3) years and the terms shall be staggered. Appearance Commission meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 5:00 and are open to the public. There is no compensation for serving on this Commission. 

Sec. 2-237. - Enactment and mission. For the purposes cited above, and for promoting the general welfare of the town and its citizens, the town council does hereby ordain, adopt and enact this article in its entirety, which shall be known as the Smithfield Appearance Ordinance. The mission of the Town of Smithfield Appearance Commission shall be to enhance the visual quality and aesthetic characteristics of the town by advising and assisting the town council in:

  • Fostering neighborhood pride;
  • Promoting and disseminating "best management practices" that are good examples of enhancing community appearance for residential, commercial and public sites;
  • Acknowledging achievement and excellence of citizens in fulfilling the purposes of this article;
  • Showcasing natural and architectural beauty;
  • Encouraging appealing community entrances; seasonal or holiday decorations; and signage;
  • Encouraging well planned, coordinated tree planting, preservation and maintenance throughout the town;
  • Reviewing and advising the town council, or the town department designated by the council, as to the appearance of publicly owned or maintained property and spaces;
  • Reviewing and advising the planning department as to compliance with the town's ordinances regarding sanitation, public works, housing, and other regulations affecting the community appearance, and
  • Discouraging littering and blight.

Code of Ordinances - Appearance Commission

Board Members

Kaitlyn Tarley Chairperson
Emery Ashley, Jr Vice-Chairperson
Carmen Zepp Board Member
Elizabeth Baker Board Member
Michelle Choe Board Member
Robin Cook Board Member
Sharon Lynch Board Member
Lawrence Davis Public Works Director  919-934-2596
Shannan Parrish Town Clerk  919-934-2116