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Public Utilities

How to Start Service


We are dedicated to delivering extraordinary service to our community.

In order to set up services, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Service Address
  • Date Of Service 
  • Valid State-Issued Photo Identification And Your Social Security Number
  • Federal Tax ID Number (Business Accounts)
  • Deed/ Offer To Purchase/ Rental Agreement or Lease Agreement.

You can email our Customer Service Representatives or call our Customer Service Department at (919) 934-2116, ext. 1105 or ext.1113.

Disclosure of your social security number is voluntary not mandatory. Should you elect not to disclose your number you will need to provide an alternative method of identification satisfactory to the Municipality. Also, because our deposits can be determined by the overall credit rating of a customer, you will be considered a "high-risk," due to our inability to complete the credit check.

As a non-profit utility, the Municipality is charged with the responsibility of prudent management of the municipality's finances. Therefore, we collect a deposit for utility services as a security that all bills will be paid in full by their due date. We realize that most customers pay their bills in full and on time, however we seek to protect the good-paying customers from the detriment of uncollectible accounts by other customers.

Determining Deposits
In determining the need for a security deposit, the Town of Smithfield employees will give careful consideration to these factors:

  • Overall credit rating of the customer.
  • Type of service requested.
Deposit amounts are as follows:
  • Residential Electric (High Risk) - $400.00
  • Residential Electric (Minimum) - $200.00
  • Residential Water (High Risk) - $100.00
  • Residential Water (Low Risk) - $ 50.00
  • Business Deposit - 2x (times monthly average for the location).

The Town charges non-refundable connection fees, which must be paid at the time of application. The connection fee for electricity or water is $25.00. If your location is supplied both electricity and water, the total connection fee is $50.00.

How to End Service
When you decide to leave your present location, please stop by our business office or call before you plan to move. We'll need to read your meter a final time and get a forwarding address to send your final bill, or any deposit refund if applicable. If you are moving to another location served by Smithfield utilities, for your convenience, you may simply transfer your electric service to the new location. The transfer fee locations supplied with both Town electricity and water is $50.00.

Service Options
Because we are here to serve you, Smithfield offers several service options: a levelized billing plan to even out your payments through the year; a bank draft plan to deduct your bill directly from your checking account; a medical alert program to safeguard seriously ill customers; and a gatekeeper program to assist the senior citizens in our community.