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Police Department
Complaint Form

The Smithfield Police Department is committed to receiving and accepting complaints about the actions and performance of all of our personnel. As an organization, we try very hard to provide the highest level of quality police service to all of our citizens. Policing is a very difficult and complex job in today's society and we realize that mistakes can be made and that the actions of our personnel may fall short of your expectations.

The members of the Smithfield Police Department are aware of the important responsibilities and duties they have as public servants. They must maintain trust and integrity in the community. The Smithfield Police Department operates under the constitutional guarantees afforded to everyone and under the laws that govern us. Therefore the courteous receipt of complaints, thorough and impartial investigation and just dispositions are important in maintaining the confidence of our citizens.

A complaint may be made with the Department in the following ways:
  • Complete the online form on our website
  • Go to the Police Department (110 S. Fifth St. Smithfield, NC 27577) and request to speak with a supervisor
  • Call the Police Department at (919) 934-2121 and request to speak with a supervisor
  • Write a letter to the Chief of Police at 110 S. Fifth St. Smithfield, NC 27577

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