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Planning and Development

Code Enforcement


The Town of Smithfield has adopted Commercial Building Maintenance and Appearance regulations for commercial buildings in the Commercial Zoning Districts located within the Town of Smithfield with the intent to preserve the character and integrity of the commercial business districts of the Town. These regulations are designed to provide corollary benefits such as protection of property values, promotion of tourism, preservation of the character and integrity of the downtown, and contribute to the comfort, happiness, and emotional stability of downtown residents and the greater Smithfield community. 

As part of these efforts and in accordance with Article V, Sect. 5-175, the Town has created a Vacant Property Registry that requires all commercial properties that have been vacant for a period of longer than 90 days or within 90 days of receiving a Notice of Registration Requirement shall be registered by the owner with the Town of Smithfield Planning Department. Please provide the following information and return the completed form to the Town of Smithfield Planning Department. 


Annual Vacant Property Registration Form

Vacant Building Maintenance Ordinance


Reporting A Complaint


Code Enforcement helps maintain and improve the quality of life and environment for all the Town of Smithfield residents. In most cases, investigations of code violations begin with a citizen reporting a potential violation. Code enforcement will investigate complaints and/or refer them to other Town/County departments for their investigation as deemed necessary.

If you think you know of a potential violation and would like to report it, complete our Code Enforcement Complaint Form or contact Tommy Choe at (919) 934-2116, ext. 1116.

The Town of Smithfield contracts with Johnston County Building Inspections for building permits and inspections. If you need a property inspected for condemnation, please contact Johnston County Building Inspections at (919) 989-5060 or click here.


Summary of Nuisance Code Regulations


  • Yard Debris- A collection of garbage, food waste, animal waste or any other rotten or putrescible matter of any kind are prohibited.


  • Prohibited Signs- Animated signs, flutter flag or wind signs, signs in the public road rights-of-ways, signs attached to trees, fences, or fence posts, telephone or utility poles. 


  • Junk Vehicles- One junked motor vehicle, in its entirety, can be located in the rear yard if it is entirely concealed from public view from a public street and from abutting premises by an acceptable covering (to be determined by Town inspector). Any additional junked motor vehicle must be kept in a garage or building structure that provides a complete enclosure. 


  • Storage of Used and Scrap TiresThe outdoor storage of any tire upon any premises with the Town in such a manner that it does not conform to the approved storage methods defined in Article III, Section 8-51.


  • Weeds or Grasses- Cannot be over 12 inches in height which lie less than 100 feet from any abutting open street or which lies less than 100 feet from any adjoining property line which contains a structure, or is a place of heavy growth of weeds or grasses over 12 inches in height which lies within 50 feet of any occupied dwelling. 


  • Noxious Vegetation- Poison sumac, poison ivy or poison oak, in a location likely to be accessible to the general public is prohibited.