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Planning and Development

Projects & Development

We're doing our best to keep you up-to-date on All that's being done around the Town of Smithfield!


CURRENT ACTIVITY - waiting on approval from Town Council or a board

DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY- approved & slated to begin or underway

COMPLETED PROJECTS - approved, built and already being enjoyed! 

Project Name: Woodleaf

Request: 490 detached single-family lots, 691 attached single-family townhome lots, a 564 unit 3-story multifamily development and a 260-unit four-story multifamily development.

Location: Mallard & Brogden Road           

Applicant: NRP Ventures, LLC                                                                                                                                                         

Status: In First Review

Project Title: Foster Commons

Request: 50 Unit Apartment Building

Location: 611 S. Brightleaf Blvd

Applicant: Woda Cooper Development, Inc./ Denis Blackburne                                                                                                                                                    Status: In First Review


Project Title: AdvanceTech

Request: 98,280 sq ft Manufacturing Facility/ Warehouse

Location: 3900 US 70 Hwy Business West

Applicant: Bohler Engineering

Status:  Second review complete

Notes: Submitted for Staff Review and Approval 


Project Title: Whitley Townes

Request: 70 Lot Townhouse Subdivision

Location: 900 Block of West Market Street

Applicant:  J&J Flowers Finch, Inc.

Status: Second Review Complete

Notes: 70 Lot Townhouse Subdivision

Project Title: Floyd's Landing

Request: 698 homes on 199.8 acres

Location: 2001 US Hwy 70 West

Applicant:  CE Group Inc.

Status: Under Review

Notes: 360 Apartments and 220 Townhomes

Project Title: Marin Woods

Request: 143 Units on 31.56 acres                                                                                                                                                                                                        Location: Hwy 210

Applicant:  StrongRock Engineering, PLLC

Status: Fourth Review Complete

Notes: 90 Townhomes & 53 Single Family Homes





Project Title: Amazon Distribution Center

Request: 629,215 Sq. Ft. Warehouse

Location: 2110 US Hwy 70 West

Applicant:  Samet Corporation

Status: In third review

Notes: Under Construction


Project Title: Spring Branch Commons

Request: 10 Single-Family Dwelling Units

Location:  600 E. Johnston Street

Applicant:  TerraEden Landscape & Design, LLC

Status: Approved


Project Title: ALA Charter School

Request: Charter School

Location: 3700 US Hwy 70 West

Applicant: Johnston CD, LLC

Status: Approved

Notes: Under Construction    


Project Title: Smithfield Chicken & BBQ

Request: New Restaurant at former Applebee's location

Location: 1240 N. Brightleaf Blvd

Applicant:  Enoch Engineers, PA

Status: Approved, Under Construction


Project Title: Johnston County Public Safety Center

Location:  2879 US Hwy. 70 Business East

Applicant:  McGill Associates, PA

Status: Approved, Construction Underway

Project Title: S.C.N.B. Storage Building

Location:  199 Industrial Park Drive

Applicant: B. R. Kornegay, Inc.

Status: Plans Approved Awaiting Construction


Project Title: East River Phase 6 and 7

Location: 1900 Buffalo Road

Applicant: RiverWild

Status: Approved for Construction


Project Title: Courtyard Cabins at White Swan

Location: 3158 S. Brightleaf Blvd.

Applicant: Demarest Company Landscape Architects

Status: Approved, Awaiting Construction Documents 



Project Title: Smithfield Living Facility

Location: Kellie Drive

Applicant: Summey Engineering Associates, PLLC

Status: Approved 


Project Title: Ambit Plumbing

Location: 100 Rock Pillar Rd

Applicant: Adams & Hodge Engineering

Status: Approved


Project Title: Twin Creeks Phase II

Location: 6054 Black Creek Road

Applicant: Navaho Investment Company, LLC

Status: Approved

Project Title: TRU Hotel Smithfield

Location: 155 S. Equity Dr.

Applicant: McGill Associates

Status: Approved, Under Construction

Project Title: JCC Engineering Building

Location: 245 College Road

Applicant: Brian Starkey/ Timmons Group, Inc.

Status: Approved


Project Title: Twin Oaks Subdivision

Location: Will Drive and Ray Drive

Applicant: JYMCO Development, Inc.

Status: Approved


Project Title: Johnston Animal Hospital

Location: 826 N. Brightleaf Blvd.

Applicant: Richie Hines

Status: Under Construction


Project Title: South Second Street Lots

Location: South Second Street

Applicant: True Line Surveying

Status: Approved, Under Construction


Project Title: East River Phase 2

Location: 1899 Buffalo Rd.

Applicant: Donnie Adams/ Adams & Hodge Engineering, PC

Status: Approved, Under Construction


Project Title: Johnston County Airport Expansion

Location: 3149 Swift Creek Road

Applicant: Johnston County

Project Planner: Phil Lanier

Status: Approved 


Project Title: Kamden Ranch

Location: 1337 Cleveland School Road

Applicant: LAST Investments, LLC

Status: Approved, Under Construction
















Project Title: Scooter's Coffee

Request: Coffee ShopLocation: 721 N. Brightleaf Blvd

Applicant: Scooter's

Status: Completed, Open for Business 




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