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Historic Properties Commission

The legislature, in its wisdom, has found that the historical heritage of our state is one of our most valued and important assets. In furtherance of such purposes and in order to exercise the powers granted to it by legislative enactment, the Town does hereby establish a historic properties commission for the Town. It shall be the policy of the Town Council to take into consideration all groups and races in making appointments to such commission and in the process, to select membership of the commission from citizens who have exhibited a deep and abiding interest in the Town's history.

The duties of the Historic Properties Commission include:

  • To determine properties within the corporate limits of the Town deserving special recognition because of their historical significance.
  • To prepare and set in position appropriate markers giving public recognition to selected historic buildings or sites, provided owners of these properties do not object to such recognition.
  • To determine the exact wording to appear on these markers, the wording to be based upon authentic historical records.
  • To prepare for public distribution any desirable publications that focus attention upon the selected historic properties, including walking-tour brochures.
  • To serve as an educational agency authorized to promote public interest in the history of the town through a variety of ways determined by the historic properties commission.
  • To solicit voluntary financial contributions from private sources for use in supplementing any funds that may be made available by the Town Council to defray expenses incurred in erecting or maintaining the historical markers, or in fulfilling other educational responsibilities assumed by the commission under this article.
  • To prepare annual budgets deemed necessary to carry out the work of the commission to be submitted to the Town Council.
  • To solicit voluntary financial contributions from private or governmental sources for use in carrying out its purposes and supplementing any funds that are allocated to it by the Town Council to defray its expenses and carry on its purposes herein referred to.
  • In addition to procedures designated by statute, the commission is further directed and empowered to make annual recommendations on or before April first for the projected amount of funds desired by the commission to carry forth it's duties in order that the same shall be considered in the preparation of the budget for the Town. Information unavailable at this time regarding meeting dates and times. There is no compensation.

Board Members

Art Andrews
Deanna Simmons
Jan Branch
Mary Nell Ferguson
Oliver Johnson
Paul Worley
Rachel Ayers
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