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Public Utilities

Load Management


Participating in the Load Management program allows the Town of Smithfield to limit the use of heat pumps and water heaters during utility peak-use periods each month. Heat pumps will be wired for control of the compressor during cooling seasons and auxiliary resistance heat during heating seasons. Air conditioning will be interrupted intermittently and water heaters totally for up to four hours during each load management period. Auxiliary resistance heat will be interrupted for up to two hours.

Load management will be initiated almost exclusively on weekdays and is not normally needed more than six times each month. Load management controls will be installed and operated in accordance with the Town's normal operating procedures.

The Town of Smithfield offers the following incentives for participating in the Load Management Program:

HVAC participants will receive a $10 credit per month for June, July August & September.

Water Heater participants will receive a $6 credit year-round.

Please complete the sign-up form below and one of our representatives will contact you to schedule the installation of all necessary equipment.

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