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Parks & Recreation


Are you fifty five years or older? Are you looking for a group of friends to enjoy fun, fellowship, and meals with? We are a group that has twenty dollar yearly dues. 
We get together monthly, the second Wednesday of the month at 10:30AM. At our meetings we do crafts or make foods to eat. We make sunshine baskets for members who are unable to attend meetings due to illness or being home bound. We celebrate different occasions in each other's lives with cards. After most meetings we head out to lunch.

Every year we do this during these months:
  • January Meeting-11:30-AM –Bring in a vegetable to make soup that we take to the First Baptist Soup Kitchen. We have soup and grilled cheese that day at our meeting.
  • May Meeting - 11:30AM- It is a picnic inside.
  • August Meeting-10:30AM- Ice Cream Social
  • December Meeting- 11:30 Luncheon - Bring a side or dessert

There is a monthly postcard that goes out every month. It announces upcoming outings, events, and things to put on your calendar. All members receive a postcard.

If you are interested in becoming a member you can either call (919) 934-2148 ext.112 or you can email Tiffany Pearson.