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Police Department
Division of Narcotics

The Division of Narcotics Enforcement is responsible for investigating drugs and vice crimes which threaten the wellbeing of the community. DNE detectives investigate such crimes as: possession of controlled substances, sale and manufacture of illegal narcotics, places maintained for the purpose of sale of illegal narcotics, pharmaceutical diversion, prostitution, the sale of non-tax paid alcohol and locations established for the sale of non-tax paid alcohol. DNE detectives pursue prosecution of offenders under both state and federal law.

DNE Detectives often use sources of information to infiltrate and obtain information on persons dealing in the illicit sale and distribution of narcotics within the community. There are also budgeted funds available for DNE Detectives to conduct undercover operations as well as provide payment to persons whom are able to provide vital information that is used in the investigation as well as prosecution of persons dealing in the illicit sale and distribution of narcotics.

DNE detectives frequently work with other narcotics detectives from other jurisdictions in order to combine resources, share information and provide much needed assistance. Narcotics crimes are a widespread problem which touches every community, and often the same criminal element is found to be operating within multiple jurisdictions. The pooling of resources between law enforcement agencies maximizes our ability to combat these types of crimes and helps offset the problem of limited funding. The sharing of information between law enforcement agencies also helps to keep officers abreast of the constant trend changes in the narcotics trade.
This photo contains several individual bags of marijuana which vary in size. Also included in the photo are paraphernalia associated with the sale and use of marijuana. These items are a blown glass pipe, a metal grinder and electronic scales.
This is a photo of powder cocaine, which as you can see were packaged in several different plastic sandwich bags. This is a common method used to package and sell powder cocaine. Powder cocaine is white with a fine granular texture. The most common type of ingestion is being snorted into the nostril.
This is a photo of crack cocaine. The crack cocaine is packaged in the corner of a sandwich bag and then a knot is tied to keep the substance inside. Again, this is a very common method of packaging. Crack cocaine is usually off white in color and is produced from powder cocaine. It is semi-hard and can be broken with a person's fingertips. Most common type of ingested is being smoked through some form of pipe.
Prescription pill abuse is a growing problem within the community. Prescription pills come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. There are also letters, numbers and / or symbols imprinted on prescription pills from the factory to help in the identification of the pill.