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Police Department
Request a House Check

If you plan on being away and would like your residence checked periodically, you can request a House Check. You can complete this online form or come to the Police Department to fill out the request. To request online, fill out the information below and click "Submit."
Phone Number:
Date of Departure:
Date of Return:
Alarm Do you have an alarm?

Type of Alarm If so, what type?

Connected to Police Is your alarm connected to the Police Department?

Weapons Are there weapons in the residence?

Type of Weapons If so, what type?
Emergency Contact 1:
Phone #:
Emergency Contact 2:
Phone #:
Emergency Contact 3:
Phone #:
Miscellaneous Information:
Reset Contact If so, who can be, or who is contacted to reset the alarm?
Lights What lights will be left on?
Pets Are there pets in the residence?

Type of Pets

Other Pets What kind of other pets are in the house?