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Police Department
Patrol Division

The Smithfield Police Department is a full service agency dedicated to serving the community of Smithfield and its visitors. The Patrol Division works to identify criminal activity and protect individuals from harm and property loss. Officers assist stranded motorists, calls for service and other services that do not require the enforcement of laws. Officer's act as friends, counselors, parents and mentors to those in need when the time arises.

The Patrol Division is comprised of 24 sworn officers, which include supervisors. There are four patrol teams that consist of (1) Lieutenant, (1) Sergeant and (4) Patrol Officers. The department also has two canine officers who are assigned to the Patrol Division as well as two traffic safety team officers. Personnel in the Patrol Division work 12 hour rotating shifts in order to provide police services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Patrol Division is overseen by the Patrol Commander who oversees the daily operations and makes sure all necessary equipment is available to the officers.

The Patrol Division is normally the first responder to all incidents that are reported to the department. These calls for service include disturbances, larcenies, assaults, automobile accidents and many other types of incidents. Officers enforce traffic laws by issuing citations, warning tickets and verbal warnings. They also serve criminal papers (warrants, orders for arrest, criminal summons and involuntary commitments) which are obtained by citizens, officers and other law enforcement agencies. Officers also answer numerous burglar alarm calls and 911 hang- up calls.