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Recreation & Aquatics Center


Need an efficient, relaxing, spacious studio to practice your clay workmanship? Get inspired by fellow potters while bringing your own creativity to the mix. SRAC’s Pottery Studio is a fully functioning clay space and includes the following:

  • Scutt Kiln– we fire to cone 6
  • Multi color glaze palette with dipping glazes, brush-on glazes, colored slips and stains, and underglazes
  • Basic studio tools plus hundreds of stamps and textures
  • 6 wheels for throwing and a large surface area for handbuilding
  • Consistent kiln firing schedule with quick turnaround
  • Clay sold on site

Purchase a membership at the Smithfield Recreation and Aquatics Center and have unlimited studio time during the center’s operating hours and when a class or camp isn't in session. Prerequisites required before studio use.

Please check our programs booklet or call the center to find out about current pottery classes being offered!

Prerequisites: a pottery class at the SRAC or previous handbuilding or wheel experience.

If you have not taken a pottery class at the SRAC, but have had experience at another studio, a $10 studio tour will be required and is done by appointment.

If you are interested in taking a pottery class, we offer classes during the day as well as in the evening.

You DO NOT have to be a member of SRAC to participate in the classes.

SRAC Membership (to use the studio):
  • Memberships are based on residency, age, and other criteria. Smithfield Residents are defined as residing  within the Incorporated City limits of the Town of Smithfield . We will verify residency.
  • A membership doesn't guarantee use of the pottery studio until a pottery class is taken or prior pottery knowledge is determined.           
  • $10 Studio tour fee and appointment required for those with pottery instruction from another studio.

     Let our Pottery Studio be your creative playground!              

Has it been a while since you played with clay? No worries – we can give you the tips and skills you need to get up to speed and spinning your very own SRAC Pottery inspired clay creations.

For those of you with a little more experience, we offer spacious work space and all the little things you need for an enjoyable pottery making experience.

For more information on our pottery studio, call us at (919) 934-1408, or send an email to